Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Walk to Livadia

I'm just going to think about Tuesday.

Yesterday, Friday, it rained all day. I walked to Ayios Andonis in the afternoon and got soaked to the skin. Lisa and I don't mind a bit of rain, but even she baulked at the big, driving hailstones and we had to take shelter. Today it's sunny but there's a sharp, strong wind blowing that almost brought me to a standstill on the way back from Eristos. We're settled in front of the heater for the night. But Tuesday... Tuesday was beautiful. And since I had to visit the ATM anyway, I took the afternoon off and walked in shorts and t-shirt to Livadia. I saw almond blossoms, wild cyclamen, an eagle... And of course, I went for a swim.

Sofia decided to give up running the kafeneion in Megalo Horio this winter, and it's been taken over by the Hatzifountas brothers from En Plo, who have changed things a little and put in a wood-burner for winter. They're also offering food now. I've been there twice with friends this week, feeling very lucky that we have another great place to go out for a drink and meze in the evening - a little plate of octopus with your ouzo, if you like. 

Finally, some photos of Ayios Andonis in a mixture of clouds and sunshine early this week, with the fishermen pulling in nets.